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by Hannah

Some of the ladies I know here in Tel Aviv want to begin traveling around the country on a more regular basis to see the sites and experience Israel.  We’re thinking we’ll plan 2 days/month, during the week and plan to go out.  Below I’ll put some of the places we’re considering going to and some info about each so we can better make our plans:

Rosh Shanikrah  -up north near Lebanon 

Tiberias hot springs – on the Sea of Galilee

Beit She’an – I’ve been before  – it near the Jordanian border and is the ruins of a city that is quasi-comparable to Cesarea. This would be a good trip to combine with Gan haShlosha, which is right next door
We’re planning to do Beit She’an on  Thursday, Feb 23 – I’ll add a separate post to show the planning.  :-)
Gan haShlosha – National Park near the border of Jordan, has natural hot springs and supposedly it is very fun to bring kids so they can swim.  :-)
Mt Hermon – some of you ladies have been here, but I haven’t yet!  I’d love to go see it.  
Nimrod’s Fortress  (my family is planning to visit next week, so we’ll let you know how it is!) – on a mountain very close to the borders of Lebanon and Syria – the largest ruins of a crusader castle in the country, but it was a castle/fort long before they got here.  
Bethany – site of the of raising Lazaru – I’ never been able to find this, but would love to see it!
Yardenit – this is the baptism site on the south edge of the Sea of Galilee  – likely not where Christ was baptized, but I hear it’s fun to visit (maybe as an add-on to somewhere else?
Artist village (Joann has the details on this!)
Jerusalem market – Joann has the details on this!  
Israel museum – this is awesome and basically a whole day right there.  :-)
Yad vaShem – awesome and probably a whole day
The Convent where the Nuns make that amazing Pottery – anyone know how to get here!?  I’d LOVE to go!
The Baptism site (near Jericho) – I’ve been before and LOVE this.  :-)
Let me know what you’re interested in and we’ll do our best to make it work!  :-)

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