Ryu on the Beach

by Hannah

Before Dan had to leave to go to Korea for a month, we had a fun Saturday together – we started out by going to the beach.  Ryu actually seemed to really like “swimming” in the East China Sea.  He was also quite interested in playing with/eating the sand.  We got a few cute photos of him.

After going home to take a nap, we took a few photos of Ryu is his favorite shirt and hat, then headed out to get his first “real” haircut.  (read: not weed-whacked indiscriminately with trimmers).  It isn’t perfect, but we’re glad to have cleanly avoided the reappearance of our well-known Buddhist priest/convict/zen master  (His last 2 haircuts were good learning experiences!)  Ryu did pretty well, only breaking down at the end of the haircut.  You can see other good photos of his haircut after this post.


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These pictures are amazingly adorable. Thanks for posting them. Fun at the beach and the swaddled for his haircut. made my day! love you.


He is the cutest – he was doing his best to stuff as much sand in his mouth as possible – I had to keep washing his mouth out with seawater, which he found slightly unnerving… Cute cuddle bear. Apparently the ocean has to be “open” for business (9am) before you can get into it. We got the international “no, no, NO!” signs from the Japanese lifeguards, but there were some Chinese tourists there who would just get out of the water, then right back in – we took a cue from them since we couldn’t come back after they “opened” – I think it was worth it. :-)

Amanda Penton

Holy cow that picture of him when he’s getting his haircut, he looks so much older! He’s growing up so fast!


Yeah – people are asking me if he’s 1 now. There’s another “Ryu” in our branch who is 1yr 1mnth old, and people think they’re the same age. He’s awesome. :-)

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