New House in Israel

by Hannah

We love our house here in Israel!

We were so thrilled when we first got the info about our new house in Hertzliya! We got a PDF prior to arriving in country that showed photos of the house and the floor plan. We got it while Janae, Tyler and I were visiting Grandma Miller in Columbus, Ohio. I was able to show everyone the photos before we left that day to drive Grandma’s truck back to Rick & Carolyn’s house.

We thought it looked amazing. I was SO excited about the great new kitchen and the huge windows. It was great to have the embassy take care of our housing, since we are usually the ones to do all the looking, deciding and work on nailing down a house while Dan is working each new job. We also have to run straight to the store to buy new towels, sheets, sleeping bags, blow up mattresses, plates, cups, bowls, utensils, etc. Basically everything needs to be bought right off the bat 9for the hundredth time) when each the plane lands. Apparently State department people also get what they call “welcome kits” when they arrive – it includes a full set of supplies to live in the home, (including appliances for the kitchen, all pans, pots, all dishes, utensils). Everything was even all set up in our house when we arrived and were dropped off. Dan’s office had even made sure that food would be there when we showed up. This is a HUGE cultural difference from the Military. We were shocked at how easy they make it. It was super cushy. We loved it. :-)

We had some questions about the layout of the house when we first got the floor plan, and upon arriving and walking through, we immediately saw our questions were justified. The floor plan is SO incorrect that it legitimately qualifies as comical. The floor plan condensed what is essentially a 4 level house into 2 levels, added a balcony, and the top floor’s layout is so incorrect it is shocking. Unbelievable. Anyway – it was hysterical how far off it was, so I included the original below:

We found out pretty quick that our house is definitely different than the average embassy house – the great majority of them have been built and are owned by the embassy and most look the same. These houses are larger split level affairs with large yards surrounded by shorter walls and fences. Our house is an Israeli-built house owned by an Israeli, is much smaller, and looks completely different. It has a much smaller, higher quality garden surrounded by taller walls. We love our house and definitely don’t need anything bigger right now.

We are loving the new house – it is a 4-5 minute fun from the beach, a walk from a number of great restaurants, a short run to the dog park (Koji is a BIG fan), and right next to a bike trail that leads (off and on) into Tel Aviv.

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