#Add1Challenge 22 – Learning Mandarin in 90 Days Day 0 Video

by Hannah

I feel much more optimistic about  this challenge – I remember much more Mandarin than I expected I would and I still love the language – it is so different from the others I have studied in the past.  The #Add1Challenge itself is a great thing and a wonderful support for someone learning a language alone as an adult.  I’m sure I’ve written about it before, so I’ll just include the website here and a quick explanation:


Basically, the goal of the #Add1Challenge is to hold a 15 minute conversation in your new language with a native speaker after 90 days.  There are mini-challenges and support along the way, and everyone shares videos along the way of their progress, etc.  For example, a recent mini-challenge was to hold 3 1-hour classes or conversations with 3 different native speakers over a span of 2 weeks.  Points are awarded for completing this and other mini-challenges  (I finished this one!)  Each min-challenge has the potential to teach you a new, more effective way to learn the language, then force you to overcome your shyness, self-consciousness and just do it.  It has been very valuable for me.  

Anwyay – you do a Day 0 video at the beginning of the #add1Challenge to show your starting point, and this will be useful for comparison as you improve.  This is especially useful for me as I am not starting at) “0” this time that way I was with a previous challenge.  If you are very patient, you can see my Day 0 video below and judge where you think I am:

Here’s hoping that I improve with 3 months of solid, focused work!  :-)


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