#Add1Challenge 22 – Learning Mandarin in 90 Days Application video

by Hannah

I have again begun an Add 1 Challenge ( my 3rd!!) after DNF’ing on 2 previous challenges due to major family obligations:

The 1st time, was showing people around the Holy Land for essentially 13 weeks straight while completing all the Chinese adoption paperwork – (it was just too much!)

The 2nd time I was in Utah for over 2 months of it putting together and running a huge fundraiser for the adoptions (which turned out to be Very successful!).  I also FINALLY  found our second son that we are adopting on this same process during this trip, which led to a lot more paperwork.  Again – I got so overwhelmed with doing these things while single-mothering that I had to step out of the challenge :-(

This time I am much more optimistic.  You can see my application video below:


As I have no expectations of MAJOR life changes during the next 3 months, I think this challenge will go a lot better than the previous 2.  I’ll make it better!  :-)

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